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5'd if only for "I'M GONNA STAB YA WHEN YA GET OVER HERE!" and "I'M A DRAGON!"

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I liked it!

Despite my scores, I voted 5 because I thought this was a refreshing doodle animation with some good bizarre humour and interesting voice acting. Well done there. Overall;
I liked it!

Knee deep in the dead

Excellent work dude- That was visually stimulating, horrific and moshy. I'm gonna save this one to my favourites. Overall;
Knee deep in the dead

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Nice one.

Nice tutorial man- I saved it to my favourites because I'm having a hard time trying to learn Flash and finding tutorials that don't assume you know what the hell their talking about is a real find. Overall;
Nice one.

corrosiondestruction responds:

Thanks, the finished one will be done shortly.

Useful - but not beautiful

I didn't notice a button to turn off the music, so if it wasn't there it shoulda been. It looks like you covered many aspects in this tutorial, but I think it would have been nice to see a demo of the action script working after each lesson. Nevermind, it was informative, and that is the point. Overall;
Useful - but not beautiful

Yoogain responds:

i didnt think it was a beauty contest... sorry

Useful - on - the - phone

Personally, I thought it was great. Really handy thing to have, shame there weren't as many quotes from other films. Overall;
Useful - on - the - phone

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Awesome. Awesome to the max.

Excellent shading, and nice work with the facial structure.

Cool beans!

That's a smart haircut and metal mask-face on flying-tail combo, I don't know what it is but I know I like it (he looks like he's just flown in and realised he's left his phone at home). Excellent use of colour and blending.

Eleven thumbs up!

thomahawk responds:

That's what you get when you dont have pockets to put your phone in i guess! :p You should check out the original. THis is a remake. The link is in the description

Thanks! :D Always nice to find a comment when I log on to newgrounds!

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